skjalla III “clatter, slam”

intransitive/impersonal transitive (dat)

active voice
present indicative present subjunctive
1sg ek skell 1pl vér skjǫllum 1sg ek skjalla 1pl vér skjallim
2sg þú skellr 2pl þér skjallið 2sg þú skjallir 2pl þér skjallið
3sg hon skellr 3pl þau skjalla 3sg hon skjalli 3pl þau skjalli
preterite indicative preterite subjunctive
1sg ek skall 1pl vér skullum 1sg ek skylla 1pl vér skyllim
2sg þú skallt 2pl þér skulluð 2sg þú skyllir 2pl þér skyllið
3sg hon skall 3pl þau skullu 3sg hon skylli 3pl þau skylli
preterite infinitive skullu
past participle f. skollin m. skollinn n. skollit
imperative 2sg skjall 1pl skjǫllum 2pl skjallið
middle voice: skjallask
present indicative present subjunctive
1sg ek skjǫllumk 1pl vér skjǫllumk 1sg ek skjǫllumk 1pl vér skjallimk
2sg þú skellsk 2pl þér skjallizk 2sg þú skjallisk 2pl þér skjallizk
3sg hon skellsk 3pl þau skjallask 3sg hon skjallisk 3pl þau skjallisk
preterite indicative preterite subjunctive
1sg ek skullumk 1pl vér skullumk 1sg ek skyllumk 1pl vér skyllimk
2sg þú skallzk 2pl þér skulluzk 2sg þú skyllisk 2pl þér skyllizk
3sg hon skallsk 3pl þau skullusk 3sg hon skyllisk 3pl þau skyllisk
past participle n. skollizk
imperative 2sg skjallsk 1pl skjǫllumk 2pl skjallizk

PG *skellaną, OE scyllan III, ME shillen, Dutch, German schallen. Due to orthographical variation between <l> and <ll> in the manuscripts, the 2sg preterite sometimes coincides with the 2sg present of skulu pret-pres (IV). Inflected variants include 2/3sg skell.

breaking  ·  progressive assimilation  ·  cluster reduction

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