kreppa III “contract, grow knotty”


active voice
present indicative present subjunctive
1sg ek krepp 1pl vér kreppum 1sg ek kreppa 1pl vér kreppim
2sg þú kreppr 2pl þér kreppið 2sg þú kreppir 2pl þér kreppið
3sg hon kreppr 3pl þau kreppa 3sg hon kreppi 3pl þau kreppi
preterite indicative preterite subjunctive
1sg ek krapp 1pl vér kruppum 1sg ek kryppa 1pl vér kryppim
2sg þú krappt 2pl þér kruppuð 2sg þú kryppir 2pl þér kryppið
3sg hon krapp 3pl þau kruppu 3sg hon kryppi 3pl þau kryppi
preterite infinitive kruppu
past participle f. kroppin m. kroppinn n. kroppit
imperative 2sg krepp 1pl kreppum 2pl kreppið
middle voice: kreppask (not attested)
present indicative present subjunctive
1sg ek kreppumk 1pl vér kreppumk 1sg ek kreppumk 1pl vér kreppimk
2sg þú kreppsk 2pl þér kreppizk 2sg þú kreppisk 2pl þér kreppizk
3sg hon kreppsk 3pl þau kreppask 3sg hon kreppisk 3pl þau kreppisk
preterite indicative preterite subjunctive
1sg ek kruppumk 1pl vér kruppumk 1sg ek kryppumk 1pl vér kryppimk
2sg þú krappzk 2pl þér kruppuzk 2sg þú kryppisk 2pl þér kryppizk
3sg hon krappsk 3pl þau kruppusk 3sg hon kryppisk 3pl þau kryppisk
past participle n. kroppizk
imperative 2sg kreppsk 1pl kreppumk 2pl kreppizk

PG *krimpaną, weak OE crympan 2, ME crimpen, MnE crimp, strong Dutch krimpen, German krimpfen “shrink.” Only the past participle is attested with certainty; a causative weak verb kreppa 1 (kreppði, kreppðr) is more commonly found with senses in the range “clench, press together; shrink.” It may be assumed the attested reflexive forms belong to that conjugation.

regressive assimilation

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