bera IV “carry, bear”

“wear; endure; give birth to; bring forth; declare, deliver; show, behave; suit; bring to bear; happen, turn out; fall to one’s lot”

transitive/impersonal transitive (acc/dat: varies by sense)/impersonal intransitive

active voice
present indicative present subjunctive
1sg ek ber 1pl vér berum 1sg ek bera 1pl vér berim
2sg þú berr 2pl þér berið 2sg þú berir 2pl þér berið
3sg hon berr 3pl þau bera 3sg hon beri 3pl þau beri
preterite indicative preterite subjunctive
1sg ek bar 1pl vér bárum 1sg ek bæra 1pl vér bærim
2sg þú bart 2pl þér báruð 2sg þú bærir 2pl þér bærið
3sg hon bar 3pl þau báru 3sg hon bæri 3pl þau bæri
preterite infinitive báru
past participle f. borin m. borinn n. borit
imperative 2sg ber 1pl berum 2pl berið
middle voice: berask “behave; move, go; give way, give up; be born; be proven; happen, fall to one’s lot”
present indicative present subjunctive
1sg ek berumk 1pl vér berumk 1sg ek berumk 1pl vér berimk
2sg þú bersk 2pl þér berizk 2sg þú berisk 2pl þér berizk
3sg hon bersk 3pl þau berask 3sg hon berisk 3pl þau berisk
preterite indicative preterite subjunctive
1sg ek bárumk 1pl vér bárumk 1sg ek bærumk 1pl vér bærimk
2sg þú barzk 2pl þér báruzk 2sg þú bærisk 2pl þér bærizk
3sg hon barsk 3pl þau bárusk 3sg hon bærisk 3pl þau bærisk
past participle n. borizk
imperative 2sg bersk 1pl berumk 2pl berizk

PG *beraną, OE beran IV, ME bēren, MnE bear, Dutch baren, German gebären, Latin ferre. Forms coinciding with those of berja 1 “strike, beat” include much of the present subjunctive and imperative systems as well as the present 2pl. Cf. class 2 weak bera “bare.”

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